Today I am posting a “Thanks!” card as well as a photo of our rescue dog who is not very thankful :). I am thankful for my sister who helped me get my Etsy shop off the ground today. The card is made with a border die from Joggles which can be found here. It’s a great die for the slim line cards. It is a card for all of you who have taken time to stop by, say hello and drop me a comment.

My Etsy shop can be found at ExpressivePaperShop. Please stop by and see the offerings. So here is your thanks card, I appreciate all of you.

Now I suppose you want to know why our rescue is not thankful. Well about 7 years ago, my daughter found him on a hot summer day in Arizona. His original family had moved out leaving the 4 month old pup under a bush. During that time we were living in Dubai in the U.A.E. and she was here in AZ. Needless to say, as soon as we met him we all fell in love. Eventually, we brought him to live with us for the rest of our stay in Dubai. However, prior to his trip, he had to get paperwork done and during this time he stayed with my sister.

She kindly agreed to coordinate his trip details. Since his stay with my sister he has eyes for only one human being and that is her. We are all back in Arizona and recently my sister purchased her own home. The ungrateful rescue packed his bags and took up residence in her home. He has his own room and truly is her shadow. All stories have happy endings and Dee is certainly his happy ending.

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