About us

Welcome to my page! I am crazy about paper. I have been crafting with paper since I was a little girl. Paper really makes me smile. I know, that sounds ridiculous but give me some bright colors, a great pattern and I am a happy girl. I am a mother of two (sometimes) adult children. And mother/gramma to three furry family members. I love card making!

Chief card maker

Kathy Pisupati @expressivepaper

As a grauate with a fine arts degree, I never really found a career that could fill my creative needs. I spent most of my time raising a family and in the travel industry as well education administration. Card making fulfills this need. While in college I could never decide what my “medium” was because I loved them all. Card making provides the opportunity to use multiple mediums. My cards are primarily created and given to organizations that share them with someone in need of a smile.

head of operations

Maggie’s a bit tough to work for but after being with the company for more than 17 years I suppose I understand. She makes sure that the inventory control manager keeps an ample supply of treats in the office at all times. She has a tendency to take too many naps at times creating chaos in the office.


inventory control

Louis (Vitton)

Louis is a bit of an enigma. Found under a bush in the city of Buckeye, AZ in 110° he is the most loyal employee. He normally sports a mohawk which extends to the tip of his tail. He rarely leaves my side unless he hears the pantry door open (this is where he stores company treats) People have been known to ask what kind of animal is that which he finds offensive.

design coordinator & security

Boon has a good eye for design and the energy to go with it. The youngest of the staff keeps everyone on their toes. He is a gentle giant and I am unsure why he was appointed to the security role as we would be better of with a Ring camera.


amazing support staff

The Family

This is my amazing family who don’t understand why I would rather be in my she shed crafting instead of creating gourmet meals on a daily basis. My husband is most supportive in all of my endeavors. He has provided our family with the opportunity to travel and live in multiple countries. They have requested to be appointed to this as they endure constant hours of discussions about Gina K, Jennifer McGuire, stamps and other topics (which they don’t really understand). They do provide (mostly) positive feedback on my creations.


I am a part of several affiliate programs. This means I receive a commission when you purchase products from the links on my blog or website. This allows me to bring you more free content. These links come at no additional cost to you which is the best part.

My Affiliate programs

I purchase most of my own supplies.  I am currently participating in two design teams Kat Scrappiness & LDRS Creative. These companies do send product which could be considered “payment”, and they do ask that we use these products in a few designs a month. However, I will never share a product I don’t use myself or believe in.I will always disclose any information.